Gypsy Safari Ranthambore

Gypsy Safari in Ranthambore

Ranthambore Gypsy Safari is very popular among guest. As Gypsy is open jeep type vehicle which has capacity of max 6 pax. Gypsy Safari is allowed in all the zones from Zone No. 1 to Zone No. 10. A Zone is called a route fixed in ranthambore park for safari.

There are two types of Gypsy Safari Booking available. Either Gypsy Safari can be book on sharing basis or on exclusive basis.

1. In sharing basis each pax. has its own seat in Gypsy.Hence, All 6 seats are on sharing basis. Therefore, After ticket booking forest department will arrange gypsy according to roster. All the 6 pax. seats are filled on sharing basis.

2. In exclusive basis one pax. can book whole 6 seats and can have safari on exclusive basis. 

  • Advance, Current, Tatkal and Half/Full Day Safari

  • Available For All Zones.

  • Exclusive or on Sharing Basis

  • Best for Couples, Photographers, Researchers

  • Best For Sightseen

  • Also Used For Fort Tour

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